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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hexes of the Iridium Plateau Completed

Also viewable at http://docs.google.com/View?id=df6nwzfx_11cbdh2sf9, this document describes, in broad yet brief detail, the contents of the Iridium Plateau Hexmap.

As this is a first draft, expect a weirder and more thoroughly detailed version in the future before I start describing other regions of Planet Algol
.0102: Haunt of a pack of 8 Radioactive Ghouls (HP: 15,10,10,10,8,9,6,9, Special: Those wounded by these ghouls are affected by intensity 10 radiation, see Mutant Future, Metamorphosis Alpha or Gamma World, 10 minutes later).

0104: Territory of 2 Mutant Gorgosaurs (AC: 5, MV: 15", HD: 13, HP: 72, 81, Attacks: 7-28 + poison, 6 x 1-3 + poison, Special: poison, SZ: L) with 6 forelimbs and a slimy coating of lethal contact poison.

0105: Blackened stumps of a ruined city. A hidden underground chamber holds 4,000 gp in rotting sacks.

0109: Cavern lair of 22 Pernicorns (Fiend Folio). A skeleton bears a pouch holding 200 gp and 3 100 gp amethysts.

0112: A deserted adobe town buried in salt dunes is the lair of a band of 33 Wasteland Mutants that raid small groups on the caravan route 5 miles south. The lair is guarded by 4 pet Carnivorous Apes (HP: 21, 13, 19, 29) that roam the dunes. Their leader carries 3 200 gp lumps of amber containing miniature fossilized amphibians.

0114: A ruined shrine, buried beneath the altar in lead urns is 30,000 cp and 50,000 sp.

A dismal cave in a rocky outcropping is the lair of 2 Gorgons (HP: 33, 36). Scattered in the filth of the lair is a 500 gp violet garnet and an ornate jade circlet worth 3,000 gp.

0201: A primitive moss and stone longhouse is the base of a band of 4 Lawful Evil Adventurers: Jhoosht, a 5th level Khoolvi Man Fighter (orange skin with brown tiger-stripes, HP: 22, +1 Long Sword, 4 Potions of Extra-Healing); Mavhaar, a 4th level Jhagkhi Man Fighter (gray skin, shark-like fin on head, HP: 25, +2 Long Sword/+4 vs. Reptiles, +2 Scale Mail); Aavathay, a 4th level Vhaashti Man Sage (indigo skin, HP: 9, Staff of Striking with 4 charges, full Jar of Keoghtom's Ointment); and Murbynd, a 1st level Zhaghri Man Sorcerer (orange skin, HP: 3).

0204: A long-deserted iron tower is home to 17 Mutant Plants (AC: 5, MV: 9", HD: 3+1, Attacks: 2 x 1-4 fists, Special: Suprise on 1-3, SZ: L (8')) twisted, stooped humanoids composed of shaggy mottled brown and gray vines, with a wrinkled, moldy gourd-like organ that serves as a head and sensory apparatus. They beat their victims senseless, take them to the top floor of the tower where they bind them in vines, and implant their seeds in them to grow a new Mutant Plant. This area of the tower has 4,000 cp and 5 500 gp green pearls scattered on the floor.

0209: A half-buried manor is home to a small pack of 6 Gnolls (HP: 7,14,12,12,11,7) and their 5 Axebeak mounts (HP: 15, 13, 7, 9, 20). A brass coffer in their lair holds 250 gp.

0213: A small spring, surrounded by a cluster of huge pitted boulders, that serves as a rude camp for 120 outcasts, escaped slaves, petty criminals, sickly mutants, etc. Their leader, Habtar, is a Neutral Evil 1st level Kherulhi (Blue Man) Thief (HP: 3).

0215: Hidden among a small ridge of sandy hills is the entrance to a subterranean hive of 50 Phraints (Arduin Grimoire #1).

0216: The hunting ground of a Mutant Beast (AC 4, MV 12", HD: 15, HP: 81, Attacks: 4-40, Size: L (40')), a furry black creature like a fin-less killer whale with 4 stumpy legs.

0302: A white chalk ravine contains a dozen cliff-dwelling, the lair of a cult of 30 Jackalweres. Their leader has 5 hit dice (HP:24 ) and the abilities of a 5th-level Sorcerer. They dress and act like an order of philosopher-monks when outsiders are about, and they seek human females to keep as breeding slaves. The largest chamber carved into the chalk contains a huge grotesque idol of moldy bronze that depicts a slavering bestial humanoid form with a vaguely canine head. In a lead urn before it is 36 random pieces of jewelry.

0303: A small family group of 6 Titanotheres (HP: 55,60, 65, 59, 57, 41) grazes here.

0307: A concealed subterranean bunker, a relic of the Ancients, serves as a hideout for 29 Bandits (being a band of diverse racial makeup). 6 of them are mutants, including their leader, a 4th level Assassin with powerful psychic abilities. They serve The Maggot Queen.

0308: The Melted City (include hexes 0407 and 0508) is a vast sprawl of the melted stumps of massive ancient buildings surrounded by a lumpy yet flattish plane of glass. The city that once stood here appears to have been build of vividly colored glass as the melted remnants are brightly colored violet, red, indigo, dark green and other shades, although some sages say the terrible weapons that created the Prismatic Wastes also colored the ruins of the people they destroyed. Over the eons many of the ruins have shattered leaving jagged blades, and piles of colorful fragmented glass sand lie in corners and dunes about the city. Some say that the subterranean regions of the Melted City survived the devastation that destroyed it, and that there are many tunnels and chambers beneath it where Ancient relics could be salvaged.

0309: In the cliff-face of the Iridium Escarpment is a large double door of old copper, vivid green with verdigris. Inside lies the Crypt of Jekelsh, an wicked sorceress of past ages that was cursed and entombed for her crimes.

0310: In a dismal salt-slab hut cower 5 miserable
Mhoght (purple scaled men) Pilgrims. They are waiting for their master, who went on a mystic journey into the Prismatic Salt Wastes and has not returned.

0311: A pile of rock-salt boulders here houses the den of 4 brightly-colored Giant Weasels (HD: 4+4, HP: 25, 27, 21, 19).

: A small cluster of shacks houses 11 Salt Prospectors (being of various races), a hardy bunch capable of defending themselves (2nd level Fighting-men).

0314: A ruined manor house is now the domicile of 2 exiled Wasteland Mutant Chieftans, Ghoradar (HP: 32) and Xulkuthay (HP: 24, who is also a 5th-level Sorcerer), both former leaders of the band in hex 0112.

0315: The purple grasses here are flattened and coated with a grayish slime, the spoor of a Mutant Brachiosaur (AC: 9, MV: 6", HD: 36, Attacks: 5-20 tail or bite or 8-80 crush with body, Special: spits acid like a Giant Slug for 5-20 damage, undamaged by blunt weapons) a massive slimy gray beast with a slug-like legless body.

0316: Huge piles of sand denote the territory of 88 Giant Ants.

0201: Huge, smooth circular stone tunnels lead down into a complex of huge chambers, the lair of 2 Shoggoths (Carcosa or other sources, HP: 86, 92). One chamber contains a large circular +1 Shield, +4 vs. Lasers and Rays, composed of a highly reflective bright yellow alloy and also a bulky silver device composed of smooth tubes and handles, an ancient High Intensity Radio-Ray Rifle (3d8 damage, ignores armor aside from dexterity and magic, ROF 1/2, Short Range: 25", Medium Range: 50", Long Range: 100", gets 25 shots out of a Radiation Crystal, currently has 18 shots left in the current crystal).

0403: A ruined caveman village houses a nest of 8 Giant Wasps (HP: 17, 14, 16, 10, 20, 17, 21, 19). A crude temple has 80 100 gp polished jade chunks scattered about the shattered altar.

The crumbled ruins of an ancient fortification, blackened and melted on it's south-western face, is now the lair of 8 Minotaur Lizards (HP: 34, 29, 28, 39, 34, 33, 27, 32)

0407: The Melted City continues (hexes 0308 and 0508), however in the center of a huge plaza of black glass stands the Ziggurat of the Maggot Queen, constructed of massive rugose obsidian blocks. The Maggot Queen herself is a Unquiet Worm (Carcosa, HP: 27) with the powers of a 10th level Sorceress, who garbs herself if cunningly fashioned plates of ivory and jade to present the facade of beauty. She is served by 3 Sons of Kyuss (Fiend Folio, HP: 10,11, 26) and 26 Maggot People (see Planet Algol Referees' Resources). The Maggot Queen has powers over vermin and can summon swarms of flies and maggots to do her bidding. A tunnel from her complex leads to the deep subterranean regions where the loathsome Dholes writhe in the putrid bowels of the planet.

0412: Dust. Also known as Gully Town, Small Dust, Little Dust or New Dust. It has a real name, but nobody uses it. This town serves as a last stop for caravans heading into the Western Badlands. Prospectors go into the Prismatic Salt Wastes looking deposits of valuable mineral salts, and hunters seek Zorses and Orniths in the Lands of Purple Grasses to capture, tame and sell.

0414: Abandoned mine tunnels in the face of the Iridium Escarpment serves as the headquarters for a band of 34 Slavers (of varied racial composition). One of the tunnels leads up through the rock to the ruins in hex 0514.

0502: These crumbling ruins of a crude brick village is now the home to a band of 30 Sentient Baboons armed with stone clubs and javelins.

0504: Occasional chunks of ancient white plasticrete thrusting up through the moss are the remains of ancient suburbs of the Melted City.

: The similar uins to those in hex 0504 are more numerous here, however they are twisted and stained by the same forces that created the Prismatic Wastes.

: As in hexes 0308 and 0407, this hex contains the Melted City. There are numerous subterranean warrens here that serves as lairs to a loose band of 40 Gargoyles.

0511: The hunting grounds of 4 Mutant Hyaenodons (HP:27, 15, 25, 24) with writhing worms-like tentacles (2 additional attacks for 1-4 damage) growing out of their backs.

0514: Half-buried massive steelcrete cubes are the remains of ancient structures. A concealed tunnels inside one of the blocks leads down to the hideout of the Slavers in hex 0414.

0604: Scattered ruins of white plasticrete spot the rolling green moss plain, the same ancient suburb as the ruins in hexes 0504 and 0505.

0609: A distinctive twisted spire of vividly colored rock is the roost of 7 Mutant Pteranodons (HP: 15,15,16, 16, 16, 16, 10) with cadaverous flesh and bloated tumours. Among the filth and bones in their nest is a sleek, silvery ancient Laser Pistol that fires beams of coruscating blue and violet beams (1-8 damage, ROF 3, Short Range: 7", Medium Range 15", Long Range 30", gets 100 shots out a radiation crystal, currently has 80 left, the effective armor class of a target is 'halved,' i.e. treat AC 6 as 8, treat AC 0 as AC 5 and so forth).

0612: A shallow den is the home of a Serpent Leopard (Planet Algol Referees' Resources, HP: 24). Scattered among the remains of it's prey is 3000 sp, a small 500 gp emerald and a heavy 1100 gp gold and iron torc.

A towering edifice of dark indigo glassy plasticrete blocks, Fortress Cobalt controls access to the western pass leading up to Iridium Plateau.

0708: A huge cavern is the lair of a Behir (Monster Manual II).

0710: Paper lined tunnels concealed by the purple grass lead down to a hive of 10 Wasp-Scorpion Hybrids.

0716: At the top of the escarpment is a cliff-side cluster of ancient luxurious palaces, now weathered and decrepit.

0802: This mountain is honeycombed with a lifeless dusty underground city.

0810: Concealed in the tall purple glass is the plasticrete rubble and pipes of an ancient agricultural facility. 30 Maggot People (Referees' Resources) dwell in an underground section of pipe, coming out at night to hunt.

0811: A buried tower is accessible by a hidden titanium trap-door, the lair of a beautiful Lamia and her treasure.

0902: The crevices and ravines of this mountain are filled with gigantic colonies of yellow mold, which also encrusts the sigil-graven basalt monoliths on the peak's top.

0909: A well-concealed narrow tunnel leads miles beneath the surface to the ruins of a city, full of huge prism-like monoliths, formerly occupied by some sort of extinct sorcerous insect race.

0913: A dense thorny thicket holds the crumbling ruins of a simple birck village, now home to a pack of 5 Meenlocks (Fiend Folio).

1001: This mountain's peak holds the lair of a Hydra.

1003: A huge crashed flying-saucer, rendered inoperable by an explosive disaster, holds the surviving 45 Space Aliens (Carcsoa) who have 9 random energy weapons among them.

1005: An ancient mossy tower of smooth white stone is now home to 2 Rakshasas, a husband and wife who live a life of philosophical study. Chests in their chamber hold type F treasure.

1008: A cliff-side near the peak of this mountain is clustered with ancient ruined bronze pagodas and crumbling marble manors. At random intervals clouds of poisonous gases vent out from inside the mountain and into the ruins.

1009: Pit, a rambling shambles of rusted shack, foundries, workshops and warehouses, all suffused with rust, surrounding a vast bottomless shaft. The bottomless shaft that the town is named after serves as access to many veins of minerals, making the town a prosperous, but excessively rough, mining community. The local miners are a vile lot, fond of gin, inhalants, and tormenting Mnors from the surrounding foothills with torches and tridents as a callous entertainment.

1013: Canyx, another mining town, founded to exploit the mineral wealth exposed by the canyon that gashes through the plateau southwards.

1102: Several massive white stone crypts in the mossy green hillsides provide access to a massive labyrinth deep underground, the Vaults of Eternity, the haunt of an Elder/Primordial-One Lich as well as other inhuman sorcerers, living and undead, who wage war with each other in the miles of tunnels and chambers. Some manuscripts claim that there are portals to other worlds in the lowest regions of the Vaults.

1103: A small plateau holds the ruins of a small basalt village. The soil of the village is infested with the spores of a lethal plague.

1104: The foggy hills here are haunted by a polyp-like Giant Mobile Carnivorous Fungus (use Treant statistics).

1107: Lurking in the boggy hills is a Black Pudding.

1109: The mountain is haunted by a Werehyena Sorcerer and his band of Diseased Guardians (Carcosa).

1111: One of the oldest continually inhabited cities on Algol, Agog City is also one of the most technologically advanced, being built upon and within massive constructions from the Aeon of the Ancients. Although most of the technology has long since broken down, or the knowledge to operate has been lost, the Technocrats of Agog have great stockpiles of Ancient artifacts and know much in the arts of science, engineering and medicine. A being known as The Controller, an immortal demigod, is the absolute ruler of Agog. The native people of Agog, called Agogites or Pink Men, have pale pink skin, ranging in tone from that of an infant to a rosy nacre. The latter tone is much more common among those of a pampered disposition. They are generally bald, in both sexes, the hair of the few that possess it being lank, fine and like that of a albino in pigmentation. The upper class Agogites dress in simple metallic or iridescent togas and robes, ornate helmets made of transparent crystal or precious metal, and high-strapped metallic sandals. Those of the middle class wear overalls, usually in neutral gray or metallic tones, simple brass helmets, and sock-like footwear. Lower class Agogites are clad in overalls, usually in drab colors such a lead, dun or khaki (and usually patched and stained as well), battered lead helmets, and lead clogs. Agog is divided in several districts.

1114: The head of the canyon conceals the lair of a small band of Cactogres (upcoming on Planet Algol).

1116: The jungles hold the fungus-encrusted huts of a tribe of Mulg Barbarians (upcoming on Planet Algol).

1201: A ancient deserted fortress-complex of black basalt, inhabited by a bestial gargantuan Mutant Cyclops with psychic powers. Subterranean tunnels lead to The Vaults of Eternity in hex 1102 and the fortress in hex 1203. Secret vaults deep beneath this complex contain laboratories and libraries of the prehuman Serpent Men (see Carcosa).

1202: A deep ravine full of Green Slime.

1203: A black basalt fortress, deserted and ancient, an underground tunnel connects with the fortress-complex in hex 1201

1205: A blasted lifeless hilltop, ringed with crude granite monoliths, is the haunt of a Spawn of Yog-Sothoth (HP: 68, see Carcosa). The monoliths bear the faint traces of horrible glyphs and the hilltop can be used in certain rituals to contact or even summon Yog-Sothoth (Carcosa or the unexpurgated 1st. editon AD&D Deities & Demigods).

A mountainside ledge bears a monastery constructed of baroque bronze, which houses an ancient order of 16 Yeti-Human Hybrid Monks (AC: 8, MV: 15", HD: 2+4, Attacks: 2 1-3 claws, Special: rend for 1-8 damage if both claws strike, half damage from cold. SZ: M, 7' tall) led by a 7+4 hit dice Lama with the abilities of a 7th-level Sorcerer.

A rocky sulphurous valley is the home of a huge mutant Smilodon-Serpent Hybrid. Pools of it's metallic green poisonous excretions lie about the valley emitting noxious fumes.

The western terminus of The Great Span, a massive bridge of solid white plasticrete, 10 miles in length, that spans the Rift Canyon providing a route from Agog City to the regions eastwards.

A small cavern complex guarded by 5 Gray Ooze contains a long winding tunnel that eventually leads to a large cavern containing a colony of 15 Draala (see http://gnombient.wordpress.com/2009/10/08/new-monster-race-the-draala/ ) and their "livestock."

A small camp with a few tents of reeking uncured hide is the home of 9 Earth Man Bandits and their 3 guard Jackals.

1302: The sprawling, crumbling ruins of an ancient white marble palace is infested with 8 Tentamorts (Fiend Folio). A secret chamber contains the grimoire of a long-dead powerful Sorcerer.

1304: Cliff-side caves of pastel chalk are the home to a flock of 23 albino Dire Corbies (Fiend Folio), who color their feathers with the multi-colored chalk of their lair.

1307: The ruins of a village, constructed of brass blocks, is home to 2 Human-Elothere Hybrids (HP: 22, 20, use Wereboar statistics w/o the immunity to non-magical weapons and lycanthropy infection), a lead-sealed brass case in their lair contains 4000 sp.

1309: A crooked tower of luminous green stone is home to The Jaundiced Lord, a 10th-level Fighting-Man who is a human-pallid croaker hybrid. His henchman is a 6th-level Unquiet Worm (Carcosa) who is an outcast from the coven in hex 1703. A mob of 65 Pallid Croakers (upcoming on Planet Algol) serves The Jaundiced-Lord.

1312: A grove of twisted black trees with large waxy white blossoms that emit a heavenly scent. 3 Boalisks (Monster Manual II) slither through the branches.

1315: This hex is infested with choking clouds of fat pulpy white flies.

1401: A cave is the lair of 2 Arcotheres (Cave Bears, HP: 40, 37)

An ancient village, carved into the mountainside with orange mud-bricks, is the lair of a tribe 92 Gnolls, descendants of mercenaries hired by the Wizard of The Bronze Dome of the Desert centuries ago.

1405: The Bronze Dome of the Desert, a huge, tarnished bronze structure with it's rim graven with massive glyphs, the home of immortal, reclusive wizard who has not been seen for centuries. Some say that the glyphs are encoded with the incantations and formulae for a terrible ritual from the time of the Elder Races.

1406: Jakay, a squat desert town, the home base of scavengers that search the Rust Desert for artifacts of the Ancients. The eastward trade route from Agog detours here to avoid the monsters and raiders that lurk in the wilds of the Rust Desert. Jakay is furthered detailed on the Planet Algol Referees' Resources blog.

1410: A triangular structure machined from a massive, solid, single mass of black metal, Fortress Adamant guards access to the Great Span. It's master is the reclusive Copper Mantis and it's guards are clad in black armor and full helms, they are brusque and unfriendly. A small inn is located on the north road outside the fortress.

1411: Heavy drooping black moss-trees grow out of huge piles of bones, a sickly-sweet smell in the air.

1413: The ruins of a city constructed from lead and pink quartz, haunted by 5 Deodanths (Arduin Grimoire #1)., A squat lead tower, that serves as the Deodanth's den, has a hidden basement containing 30000 sp, 4000 gp, a 4500 gp emerald.

1414: A camp of 9 evil-aligned Tomb Robbers (of various races) that seek the treasure in the ruined city of hex 1413.

1502: A deserted small tower of smooth gray metal is the lair of a Leprous Mutant White Stag (HD: 8+1, HP: 33, statistics and abilities of a Leucrotta).

1506: An oasis surrounded by lush fleshy red vegetation and a herd of 17 Iguanodons.

1509: A huge underground chamber of rusted iron holds 3 Ocher Jellies (HP: 25, 20, 27) and a cache of 3000 sp.

1512: Several tunnels are bored into the northern and southern cliff-sides, the multiple lairs of 23 Stegocentipedes (Monster Manual II) that hunt the Rift Canyon swamps.

1516: A shabby hut on tall stilts, much larger on the inside, is home to Xulgzquoqil, a 10th-level Sorcerer always clad in filthy gray hooded robes that conceal a hideous alien worm-being.

1601: The Holy One, a lawful good 8th-level Agogi (Pink Man) Fighting-Man/Sorcerer with psychic abilities, has a simple camp here. He is on a quest to destroy an ancient evil in The Temple-City of Klovoyga in hex 1603.

1603: A titanic walled complex of rotting monolithic mottled gray stone wreathed in reeking yellow vapours, The Temple-City of Klovoyga dates back to the time of The Elder Races, it is said to be a nest of blasphemous alien Sorcerers and their hideous inhuman servitors.

1605: A large cave is the lair of 6 Achaierai (Fiend Folio). The cavern's walls are covered with red and black mosaics depicting terrible mass sacrifices by huge inhuman beings.

1606: 30
Bandits (a band composed of varied races) dwelling in a subterranean complex of alloy and ceramic pipes and engines, a functioning atomic pump provides fresh water.

1611: A cluster of towering, crumbling rust spires conceals the huts of a tribe of 36 Nire Witch (White Women) Cannibal Barbarians.

1613: An abandoned ancient cliffside resort of elegant pastel ceramic domes covered with purple and red blossoming vines. At night the blossoms emit poisonous vapours and the village is home to 3 Algoids (HP: 25, 18, 7, immune to the poisonous vapours). A bathouse holding a pool of algae serves as their lair and in it's depth is a 2000 gp silver and emerald bowl, a 800 gp gold centipede armband and a Helm of Teleportation.

1702: A fortress of jagged bone-colored ceramic spires, inhabited by 3 Unquiet Worms (9th, 6th and 4th-level Sorcerers) and their undead guards: 8 Skeletons and 11 Zombies.

1709: A warren of tunnels serves as lair for 7 Amara (Savage Swords of Athanor Referee Guide) who prey on travellers.

1713: A sprawling complex of massive rusted engines is home to 32 Fighting-Men (of a mixed racial composition) with a 3rd-level Barshi (black) Man leader, who are the psychically-enslaved servants of the 70 fossilized crystalline brains of an extinct race of insect-sorcerers located in a crypt deep beneath the ruin.

1716: A gigantic Mutant Dimetrodon (18 Hit Dice, strikes with it's spiked tail as a Stegosaur, spews poison gas as a Green Dragon once per day)

1804: A deserted monastery of gray sandstone. A hidden iron drum holds 1200 sp and 1500 gp, and a skeleton clad in +2 Leather Armor and a +1 Shield, both composed of an iridescent chitinous material.

1807: Fortress Scarlet, a red, glassy stone fortress, home to The Scarlet Lady, an immortal Lhovhami (Red Woman) Sorcerers
and demigoddess renowned for her beauty and infamous for her vanity and jealousy. The officers of her guard are her lovers, and fanatically serve their mistress.

1809: Fields of thick purple moss-lichen grows out of the rust which is grazed upon by a herd of 11 rust-colored Mammoths.

1814: The territory of a pack of 4 Brachiosaurs.

1815: Emerging from the slime and mist is a tower of glossy purple and green stone, the home to 47 Limb Pirates (the band being composed of a variety of races) and 4 Babblers (HP: 17, 15, 29, 15, Fiend Folio)

1903: Deep pits lead to the gibbering warrens of a mob of 220 Maggot People (Planet Algol Referees' Resources) who serve a hideous green stone idol.

1904: Ledges hold the nests of 10 Giant Vultures (Monster Manual II).

1905: Crumbled piles of marble are the remains of an ancient city.

1906: 6 Woolly Rhinoceros.

1907: Huge piles of gigantic rust blocks are scattered across this hex.

1908: The piles of rust blocks in hex 1907 continue into this hex.

1912: The crude huts of a village of 47 Jhagkhi (Gray Men with finned heads)
Cannibals who serve 18 Space Aliens (Carcosa) who dwell in a buried saucer.

1913: A decayed headless multi-limbed idol is wreathed with a Yellow Musk Creeper (10 flowers, Fiend Folio) served by 5 Yellow Mush Zombies.

1915: A huge hummock of pulpy gray bamboo is the lair of a Froghemoth (HP: 64, Fiend Folio).

Ancient ruins of an elegant blue stone village, a cursed item is buried beneath a statue of an faceless elongated humanoid being.

2003: Strange fungal structure cluster on a mountain-top, the outpost of 16 Mi-Go (Carcosa or Deities and Demigods).

A labyrinth of huge piles of rusty shards, some areas contains pockets of oxygen-less air.

2009: The ruins of a huge cistern of orange ceramic, containing radioactive water contaminated by a malfunctioning atomic pump.

2011: A cliff-side cave is the lair of 2 slimy, serpentine Mutant Pterosaurs (HP: 48, 43, use Wyvern statistics including poison sting).

2012: The jungle is full of flowers, which swarm with bees. Closer examination reveals that the bees are actually minute insect-humanoids. Their hives are full of narcotic honey and are guardeds by strange Plant-Nymphs.

The tops of ancient alloy towers protrude out of the oily waters.

2015: The waters conceal the submerged hive of 80 Termite-Nixies.

2101: A lifeless valley that is the abode of a Mutant Shoggoth (AC: 8, MV: 12", HD: 12, HP: 52, Attacks: 3 2-8 tentacles, Size: L) that looks like a 10' diameter blotchy orange mass of fungus, with six glowing green orbs that move about the body and several flabby tentacle like organs featuring multiple toothy mouths at the ends. A sealed ceramic urn within it's body holds 3000 silver pieces.

2102: This mountain is a huge mesa formation, it's flat top has a village of crude huts, built from stacks of lichen-crusted slate, surrounding several crooked bronze pillars graven with horrid, spidery glyphs. A tribe of 50 Apemen (see Planet Algol Referees' Resources) dwell here, led by a deformed Apeman-Sorcerer (4th-level Sorcerer, HD: 4, HP: 24). His hut holds 8 100 gp uncut sapphires and a 4000 gp silver idol of a voluptuous, naked skull-headed goddess with rubies for eyes and nipples.

2104: This foul spire is rotten throughout it's mass with massive slimy tunnels bored by uncounted legions of blotchy, albino Purple Worms that thrive on the unique sentient ores and crystals that permeate this mountain. These living minerals are an important component for constructing certain positronic thinking-engines.

2106: Looming at the cliff's-edge is a gargantuan obscene black basalt toad-sphinx.

: A concealed tunnel high in the wall of the canyon leads to a secret cavern-village of 50 Mutants (see Carcosan Grimoire).

2114: A small rocky island, constantly shrouded in mist, encrusted with the ruins of a horrible ancient village of an extinct blasphemous race.

A pallisaded camp of 90 Zhaghri (Orange Men) Slavers led by an 8th-level Vhaashti (Purple Man)

2207: The drooping ruins of a small lead fortress.

Adomaz, a small caravan town, some miners exploit the mineral wealth of the canyon west of town that provides accesss to the Iridium Plateau. A population of Cactoids dwell in the lands around Adomaz, coming into town to trade.

2211: The shattered ruins of a lilac crystal dome.

2215: 1 Elasmosaur.

2301: 2 Tyrannosaurs

2303: A village carved out of pink volcanic stone is home to 87 Hyperborean (White Men) Cannibals.

2307: A slender tower of blue metal is the abode of The Sky Masters, 2 7th-level Zhaxxi (Silver Men) Fighting-Men and their 2 Giant Pterosaur mounts (Monster Manual II).

2311: A Mutant Stegosaur with shaggy black fur, twisted black horns instead of back plates, and rows of bloated pink udders on it's underside roams the plain. It's milk has mutagenic properties.

2314: Built on the cyclopean ruins of a city of the Ancients, Kharhem is a thriving market city that serves the trade routes to Agog, the Red Sands, the Southern Gash and Sangkalla in the Jungles of Venom in the south.

2405: An ancient fortress of huge red stone blocks is the lair of 7 Mummy Sorcerers ( Levels 9, 8, 6, 5x3, 4) who are served by 3 Adherers (HP: 23, 10, 14) and 40
Azgukh (Blue-Green Men with purple stripes) Nomads with Deinonychus mounts (Monster Manual II or Savage Swords of Athanor Referee Guide).

2407: A wandering band of 19 Ohlvidhi (Golden Men)

2412: 6 Pterodactyls.


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