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Monday, October 5, 2009

Columns 03 & 04 of the Iridium Plateau Region Map

Also viewable at http://docs.google.com/View?id=df6nwzfx_11cbdh2sf9

A white chalk ravine contains a dozen cliff-dwelling, the lair of a cult of 30 Jackalweres. Their leader has 5 hit dice (HP:24 ) and the abilities of a 5th-level Sorcerer. They dress and act like an order of philosopher-monks when outsiders are about, and they seek human females to keep as breeding slaves.
The largest chamber carved into the chalk contains a huge grotesque idol of moldy bronze that depicts a slavering bestial humanoid form with a vaguely canine head. In a lead urn before it is 36 random pieces of jewelry.

0303: A small family group of 6 Titanotheres (HP: 55,60, 65, 59, 57, 41) grazes here.

0307: A concealed subterranean bunker, a relic of the Ancients, serves as a hideout for 29 Bandits. 6 of them are mutants, including their leader, a 4th level Assassin with powerful psychic abilities. They serve The Maggot Queen.

0308: The Melted City (include hexes 0407 and 0508) is a vast sprawl of the melted stumps of massive ancient buildings surrounded by a lumpy yet flattish plane of glass. The city that once stood here appears to have been build of vividly colored glass as the melted remnants are brightly colored violet, red, indigo, dark green and other shades, although some sages say the terrible weapons that created the Prismatic Wastes also colored the ruins of the people they destroyed. Over the eons many of the ruins have shattered leaving jagged blades, and piles of colorful fragmented glass sand lie in corners and dunes about the city. Some say that the subterranean regions of the Melted City survived the devastation that destroyed it, and that there are many tunnels and chambers beneath it where Ancient relics could be salvaged.

0309: In the cliff-face of the Iridium Escarpment is a large double door of old copper, vivid green with verdigris. Inside lies the Crypt of Jekelsh, an wicked sorceress of past ages that was cursed and entombed for her crimes.

0310: In a dismal salt-slab hut cower 5 miserable Pilgrims. They are waiting for their master, who went on a mystic journey into the Prismatic Salt Wastes and has not returned.

0311: A pile of rock-salt boulders here houses the den of 4 brightly-colored Giant Weasels (HD: 4+4, HP: 25, 27, 21, 19).

: A small cluster of shacks houses 11 Salt Prospectors, a hardy bunch capable of defending themselves (2nd level Fighting-men).

0314: A ruined manor house is now the domicile of 2 exiled Wasteland Mutant Chieftans, Ghoradar (HP: 32) and Xulkuthay (HP: 24, who is also a 5th-level Sorcerer).

0315: The purple grasses here are flattened and coated with a grayish slime, the spoor of a Mutant Brachiosaur (AC: 9, MV: 6", HD: 36, Attacks: 5-20 tail or bite or 8-80 crush with body, Special: spits acid like a Giant Slug for 5-20 damage, undamaged by blunt weapons) a massive slimy gray beast with a slug-like legless body.

0316: Huge piles of sand demote the territory of 88 Giant Ants.

0201: Huge, smooth circular stone tunnels lead down into a complex of huge chambers, the lair of 2 Shoggths (Carcosa or other sources, HP: 86, 92). One chamber contains a large circular +1 Shield, +4 vs. Lasers and Rays, composed of a highly reflective bright yellow alloy and also a bulky silver device composed of smooth tubes and handles, an ancient High Intensity Radio-Ray Rifle (3d8 damage, ignores armor aside from dexterity and magic, ROF 1/2, Short Range: 25", Medium Range: 50", Long Range: 100", gets 25 shots out of a Radiation Crystal, currently has 18 shots left in the current crystal).

0403: A ruined caveman village houses a nest of 8 Giant Wasps (HP: 17, 14, 16, 10, 20, 17, 21, 19). A crude temple has 80 100 gp polished jade chunks scattered about the shattered altar.

The crumbled ruins of an ancient fortification, blackened and melted on it's south-western face, is now the lair of 8 Minotaur Lizards (HP: 34, 29, 28, 39, 34, 33, 27, 32)

0407: In the center of a plaza of black glass stands the Ziggurat of the Maggot Queen, constructed of massive rugose obsidian blocks. The Maggot Queen herself is a Unquiet Worm (Carcosa, HP: 27) with the powers of a 10th level Sorceress, who garbs herself if cunningly fashioned plates of ivory and jade to present the facade of beauty. She is served by 3 Sons of Kyuss (Fiend Folio, HP: 10,11, 26). The Maggot Queen has powers over vermin and can summon swarms of flies and maggots to do her bidding. A tunnel from her complex leads to the deep subterranean regions where the loathsome Dholes writhe in the putrid bowels of the planet.

0412: Dust. Also known as Gully Town, Small Dust, Little Dust or New Dust. It has a real name, but nobody uses it. This town serves as a last stop for caravans heading into the Western Badlands. Prospectors go into the Prismatic Salt Wastes looking deposits of valuable mineral salts, and hunters seek Zorses and Orniths in the Lands of Purple Grasses to capture, tame and sell.

0414: Abandoned mine tunnels in the face of the Iridium Escarpment serves as the headquarters for a band of 34 Slavers.

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