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Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Installment of Hexes of the Iridium Plateau

Also viewable at http://docs.google.com/View?id=df6nwzfx_11cbdh2sf9, detailed below are the westernmost 2 rows of hexes of the Iridium Plateau Map.

0102: Haunt of a pack of 8 Radioactive Ghouls (HP: 15,10,10,10,8,9,6,9, Special: Those wounded by these ghouls are affected by intensity 10 radiation, see Mutant Future, Metamorphosis Alpha or Gamma World, 10 minutes later).

0104: Territory of 2 Mutant Gorgosaurs (AC: 5, MV: 15", HD: 13, HP: 72, 81, Attacks: 7-28 + poison, 6 x 1-3 + poison, Special: poison, SZ: L) with 6 forelimbs and a slimy coating of lethal contact poison.

0105: Blackened stumps of a ruined city. A hidden underground chamber holds 4,000 gp in rotting sacks.

0109: Cavern lair of 22 Pernicorns (Fiend Folio). A skeleton bears a pouch holding 200 gp and 3 100 gp amethysts.

0112: A deserted adobe town buried in salt dunes is the lair of a band of 33 Wasteland Mutants that raid small groups on the caravan route 5 miles south. The lair is guarded by 4 pet Carnivorous Apes (HP: 21, 13, 19, 29) that roam the dunes. Their leader carries 3 200 gp lumps of amber containing miniature fossilised amphibians.

0114: A ruined shrine, buried beneath the altar in lead urns is 30,000 cp and 50,000 sp.

A dismal cave in a rocky outcropping is the lair of 2 Gorgons (HP: 33, 36). Scattered in the filth of the lair is a 500 gp violet garnet and an ornate jade circlet worth 3,000 gp.

0201: A primitive moss and stone longhouse is the base of a band of 4 Lawful Evil Adventurers: Jhoosht, a 5th level Khoolvi Man Fighter (orange skin with brown tiger-stripes, HP: 22, +1 Long Sword, 4 Potions of Extra-Healing); Mavhaar, a 4th level Jhagkhi Man Fighter (gray skin, shark-like fin on head, HP: 25, +2 Long Sword/+4 vs. Reptiles, +2 Scale Mail); Aavathay, a 4th level Vhaashti Man Sage (indigo skin, HP: 9, Staff of Striking with 4 charges, full Jar of Keoghtom's Ointment); and Murbynd, a 1st level Zhaghri Man Sorcerer (orange skin, HP: 3).

0204: A long-deserted iron tower is home to 17 Mutant Plants (AC: 5, MV: 9", HD: 3+1, Attacks: 2 x 1-4 fists, Special: Suprise on 1-3, SZ: L (8')) twisted, stooped humanoids composed of shaggy mottled brown and gray vines, with a wrinkled, moldy gourd-like organ that serves as a head and sensory apparatus. They beat their victims sensless, take them to the top floor of the tower where they bind them in vines, and implant their seeds in them to grow a new Mutant Plant. This area of the tower has 4,000 cp and 5 500 gp green pearls scattered on the floor.

0209: A half-buried manor is home to a small pack of 6 Gnolls (HP: 7,14,12,12,11,7) and their 5 Axebeak mounts (HP: 15, 13, 7, 9, 20). A brass coffer in their lair holds 250 gp.

0213: A small spring, surrounded by a cluster of huge pitted boulders, that serves as a rude camp for 120 outcasts, escaped slaves, petty criminals, sickly mutants, etc. Their leader, Habtar, is a Neutral Evil 1st level Kherulhi Man Thief (blue skin, HP: 3).

0215: Hidden among a small ridge of sandy hills is the entrance to a subterranean hive of 50 Phraints (Arduin Grimoire #1).

0216: The hunting ground of a Mutant Beast (AC 4, MV 12", HD: 15, HP: 81, Attacks: 4-40, Size: L (40')), a furry black creature like a fin-less killer whale with 4 stumpy legs.

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