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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Serpent Leopard

Also viewable here on google docs.

Serpent Leopard

No. appearing: 1
Size: Large
Armor class: 4
Move: 18"
Hit Dice: 4+2
Attacks: 1-3/1-3(claws)/1-6+sleep poison(bite)/1-4x4-7(bites)
Special: Sleep poison
Intelligence: Low
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
% in lair: 40%
Treasure: C
Serpent leopards have feline bodies, with reptilian feet, a serpentine tail and one giant snake head on a thick neck surrounded by 4-7 snakes sprouting out of it's shoulders. It has a spotted fur in vivid purples and greens, with a bright yellow scaled underbelly
. Those bitten by the larger serpent head must make a saving throw versus poison, or be affected as if by a sleep spell (even if they have more than 4 levels/hit dice).

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