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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Elektrodemon and Skorpitron

Also viewable here, two robotic monstrosities converted from Gabor Lux's Fomalhaut/Kard & Magic.


No. Appearing: 1
Hit Dice: 10+20
Armor Class: -4(24)
Move: 16"
Attacks: 2 4-18 pincers and 5-20 grinder
Special: Electrical discharge, immune to magic affecting the mind and electricity, half damage from cold, fire and acid
Alignment: Neutral
Treasure: Nil
Size: Large
Ancient murderous machines resembling great upright beetles with sooty, converse copper armor that appear in ruined cities of the Ancients. Normally attacking with their pincers and mandible-like rock crumbling grinders, they also can discharge electricity stored in their body 5 times daily in a 2" circle (save versus dragon breath for half damage), normally for 4d6 damage but they can accumulate charge from electrical attacks used against them, such as lightning bolts, for up to a total of 12d6 damage.

No. Appearing: 1
Hit Dice: 8+24 (88 hit points)
Armor Class: -2(22)
Move: 20"
Attacks: 2 4-13 pincers and/or 4-40 laser cannon
Special: Immune to mind affecting magic, half damage from cold, electricity and fire, laser & ray reflection
Alignment: Neutral
Treasure: Nil
Size: Large

An autonomous weapons platform with a form like that of a giant scorpion, with an exceptionally armored reflective steel carapace that lasers and other rays bounce off of. It can use it's laser cannon every other round, 5 times per day, and the beam can break through thinner brick walls and knock man sized targets 10' back. It's multiple mechanical feet maneuver excellently on any kind of terrain, smooth or sloped, but due to their bulk they can have difficulty progressing or maneuvering in narrow spaces. They appear in the melted glass deserts and ruined cities of the Ancients.

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